Every-day no where in the world at any Astana such a large number of functions and ceremonies is performed as at the Holy Astana of Hazrat Khwaja Gharib Nawaz and that too, in a highly traditional way and strictly in accordance with the Chishtia precepts.

These spiritual programmes are the source of earning, the blessings, pleasure and confidence of the Holy Saint and have proved beneficial for attainment of high spiritual ecstasy and bliss.

Though these functions are performed by Khadims, yet, they have been attended by devotees for their own benefit. Therefore, devotees in large number attend these functions and receive the blessings of the Holy Khwaja and feel enlightened.

If these functions are attended with piety and devotion all the prayers which are made at those timings are sure to be granted.

The detailed description of these functions is given below.

The daily functions and ceremonies which are observed round the clock with great punctually of time begin from early in the morning and continue till late in the evening, are as under :


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