This ceremony is performed twice,once early in the morning about 4.00 a.m.
and other at 3.00 p.m in noon. There is slight difference between the two Khid mats.
At the Morning it is performed for about an hour before the Fajar prayer.
At this time, the main entrance of the Shrine which is closed late at night is opened, by calling Azan, then pilgrims are permitted to enter only upto the second door but not inside the Shrine. Only Khadims enter therein, and perform khidmat.

The performance of khidmat is done as under:

The flowers are taken off from
The Holy Grave
and Ghilaf (velvet sheet) with which
The Holy grave
is covered is changed and fresh flowers are presented.
The surrounding place of the Holy Mazar
is cleaned with Farasha
(long broom made of Feathers of the peacock)
and then devotees are permitted to enter.

In khidmat which is performed at day time at 3.00 p.m. (on Thursday at 2.30 p.m.) pilgrims are permitted to be inside The Shrine except ladies. This time in addition to all what is done in the morning khid mat, Sandal is also offered on the Mazar Paak, and afterwards it is distributed among the pilgrims and fateha is recited while in the morning khidmat neither Sandal is presented nor Fateha is recited. On both the occasions duas for all pilgrims is made by Khadim of Gharib Nawaz (R.A).


20 minutes before Maghrib (evening prayer) the ceremony of Roshnee (lighting) is performed by reciting Persian Couplets. Khadims bring unlighted candles from a Hujra (cell) near small Deg, and as soon as they start from the said place towards the Holy Shrine, drums are beaten and people starts gathering. Khadims with unlighted candles reach inside The Shrine, they place the candles in lamps then the Khadims hold these lamps with their hands above their heads and recite persian couplets which are in the praise and glory of the Gharib Nawaz and lamps are placed in four corners of the Holy Shrine.


The ceremony of closing the Shrine in Night takes place usually after an hour of lsha prayer. Accordng to old custom, about 20 minutes before closing the door when fifth part of the night passes, a person calls to ring five, the clock sounds five times, the devotees present inside the Shrine are requested to come out of the Shrine. They keep standing on either side of the door in queue, khadim closes all the other entrances, search if any one is left inside and then three khadims clean and sweep the outer area of the Shrine. They do come out one by one with all the dust etc. in their hands in a cloth and put it in a shelf inside Sandli Masjid, When the third and last khadim comes out, a person again calls in a loud voice to ring six bells.The bell sounds six times, as soon as the sixth bell sounds,  qawwals, who stand ready, start to sing a special song which is actually called Karka and with the end of these verses the entrance of the Shrine is closed. Only the Shrine is closed in night while the Dargah Compound remains open.